What is an Auto Insurance Broker?

As you shop around for auto insurance, you may notice that some people call themselves insurance agents, while others call themselves insurance brokers. This may leave you with a question What exactly is an auto broker and are they the same as an insurance agent? Here is a bit of information that you will want to know.

What is an Auto Broker?

An auto broker is someone who works with a variety of auto insurance companies to help you find the best policy for you, regardless of what insurance company it is with. An insurance agent works only with one specific company, finding you a policy within the company that they work for. Think of it as a travel agent versus an airline agent. If you call a travel agent to book a flight, they will compare various flights with different companies to find you the best deal on the flight that meets your needs. If you call a specific airline, you will work with an airline agent that will only look for flights within their company.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Auto Broker?

The biggest benefit to using an auto broker is that you can easily compare prices among various insurance companies, and find the best policy for your needs. When you work with an agent, you can only compare prices among the policy types that they offer. That many not be what is best for you. An insurance broker is not loyal to any one company, which helps them better meet your needs using different insurance companies.

If you are in need of auto insurance, there are many benefits to using a broker. Stevens Insurance, serving the greater Las Vegas, NV region, is an auto broker committed to getting you the best insurance policy for your needs and budget. Give us a call to get a free price quote or start the processing of getting a new auto insurance policy.