6 Questions to Ask When Getting Motorcycle Insurance

There are all kinds of things to do in Las Vegas, NV, but for people who live there and want to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest, getting motorcycle insurance should be on the list. They may not want to worry about it, but it is an important thing to have in order to protect themselves, their motorcycle, and other people on the road. Stevens Insurance can help by providing knowledgeable agents who can answer all of the necessary questions about getting this kind of insurance in Nevada. The more a rider knows about their insurance, the better off they will be. Here are six good questions to ask.

1. Is insurance mandatory, and at what coverage limits?

2. Are there less expensive policies or options?

3. How much does the insurance company that is backing the policy matter?

4. How high is the deductible, and can it be changed?

5. Are there specific events this policy does not cover?

6. Who can be contacted with questions and concerns, and during what hours?

Being able to reach out to a company and get questions answered is really important, especially with a complex topic like insurance. Reaching out to Stevens Insurance in Las Vegas, NV can give motorcycle riders the peace of mind they need in order to be happy about their choice of insurance provider. Being able to get multiple quotes in one place also makes things much easier, because people don’t have to go around to a number of companies and ask for a quote. Even calling or going online to do this can take a long time, so avoiding all of that and getting motorcycle insurance taken care of easily can really improve a rider’s day and make time spent on their motorcycle more enjoyable overall.

Reasons to Consider Recreational Toy Insurance

There is no denying that recreational toys can be a lot of fun but that does not mean that they do not come with some risk associated with them. If you have a recreational toy in Las Vegas, NV, then it is time to consider getting some recreational toy insurance to help cover you in case of an accident or damage to your recreational toy. These are some of the main reasons for Stevens Insurance to consider getting this type of insurance. 

  • It can help protect you if your toy is damaged. Your toy likely was not inexpensive and unless you are buying another one, you probably do not want to pay out of pocket to replace it or even repair it if there is another issue. The right recreational toy insurance can help you with these costs so you can save money in the long run. 
  • It can help protect you if someone gets injured while on your recreational toy. You may allow others to take your toy out for a spin and if you do, you do not want them to get injured while driving and come after you for payment of medical bills. Even if you do not let others play with it, you cannot watch it all the time and there may be times when someone does without your permission. 

As you can see, it is a good idea to get recreational toy insurance even if you do not think that you need it based on your own reasons. If you are interested in getting some of this insurance for your recreational toy, be sure to reach out to Stevens Insurance, serving Las Vegas, NV, today to get started. We will help you find the right policy as well as make sure that it fits within your budget. 

What is covered by boat/watercraft insurance?

Water sporting has become quite popular in Las Vegas, NV, especially with the existence of Lake Mead. Stevens Insurance Agency is always determined to customize boat insurance policies to meet specific client’s needs.

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is a policy that protects your boat from perils such as fire, collision, vandalism, lightning, and windstorm. Watercrafts that are covered are mostly pontoon boats, yachts, fishing boats, paddle boats, and leisure crafts. However, these provisions may vary with the type of insurance company. You should, therefore, read carefully through your boat insurance policy to understand what’s covered and what’s not.

Types of Boat Insurance Coverage

  • Liability Coverage – This is the basic policy which covers the cost of property damage and injuries you may cause to third parties. Liability coverage comprises of wreckage removal and pollution liability based on your policy.
  • Collision Coverage – In case of an accident, this coverage pays for the costs incurred in repairing the damaged boat. Some boating equipment might be covered too, but only if the insurance policy states so.
  • Medical Payments – While liability coverage pays the injuries impacted on third parties, medical payments cover your treatment expenses and those of the passengers on board.
  • Labor Coverage and On-Water Towing – This coverage option intervenes when your boat breaks down while on the water, and will cover emergency services such as towing.
  • Fishing Equipment Coverage – It covers damaged fishing equipment while you are using your insured boat.

Boat Insurance in Nevada, Las Vegas

While liability coverage is not mandatory for boaters in Nevada, it’s always a good idea to carry some level of liability insurance to protect yourself or someone operating your watercraft from financial devastation that may result from an accident. However, every boater over the age of 15 is required to complete a Boating Safety Education Certificate rather than a boating license. The card is regulated by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). To get your boat insurance policy and personalized advice, contact Stevens Insurance Agency in Las Vegas, NV.

What Type of Motorcycle Insurance Protects You Against Uninsured Motorists

When you’re riding your bike down a long stretch of highway, many things go through your mind, such as weather conditions, the mechanical soundness of your motorcycle and the safety of any passengers you’re carrying. This isn’t the time to worry whether your insurance covers uninsured motorists. Instead, before you get on the road, visit Stevens Insurance in Las Vegas, NV to find out how uninsured motorist insurance can reimburse you for damage and injury caused by uninsured motorcyclists. 

Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience. Don’t let irresponsible drivers and bikers cause you one moment of stress. Most motorcycle accidents in Nevada end in injury. So, make sure that your medical bills and the cost to repair your bike are covered in your policy.

All motorcyclists in Las Vegas are required by state law to carry the same liability coverage as automobiles. This only covers accidents that you are responsible for. If an uninsured rider causes the accident, your injuries and property damage are your financial responsibility. Consider extending your coverage to include uninsured and underinsured motorists so that you and your motorcycle are fully covered.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage 

When someone else is at fault and they don’t have sufficient coverage, an uninsured motorist policy pays for your medical costs as well as those of your passenger.  The coverage is tied to the amount of insurance you buy. Higher coverage means higher premiums. However, opting for cheaper coverage could cost you more if you do have an accident involving extensive damage and injuries. Call your experienced Stevens Insurance representative today to help you find the best policy for uninsured motorist coverage in Las Vegas, NV and set up an appointment to obtain a quote.


What is Covered by Recreational Toy Insurance?

Having a recreational toy, such as a snowmobile, ATV, or jet ski, can be a great way to enjoy some time outside and have some fun with friends and family. While these items provide you with a lot of different fun, they are also very expensive to replace and need to be properly insured. While most people in the Las Vegas, NV area think that their homeowner’s insurance will provide coverage for these items, it often does not provide an adequate amount. Instead, getting recreational toy insurance could be a good idea as it provides additional coverage that you could use.

Physical Damage Insurance

One type of insurance that you will receive with a recreational toy insurance policy is coverage for property damage. If your recreational toy is damaged during an accident, vandalized, stolen, or otherwise damaged, a recreational toy property insurance policy will provide you with the financial resources to replace or repair your recreational toy.  This type of coverage may also be required if you have a loan on it.  

Liability Insurance

While driving a recreational vehicle is a lot of fun, they also can be risky for all parties involved. Because of this, having some level of liability protection would be very advantageous. A liability insurance policy on your recreational toy insurance will provide you with additional liability insurance to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Furthermore, it will provide protection in the event you are found at fault in an accident while you are operating your recreational toy.  

For those that are in the Las Vegas, NV area and have recreational toys, speaking with Stevens Insurance could be a great option.  Stevens Insurance will be able to explain the benefits of having recreational toy insurance and will be able to help you find the right policy for your situation. 

When Can You Claim Your Motor Home Insurance

With a wide range of recreational vehicles in existence today, a single policy can never handle the different types of RVs. Motorhomes are a common type of RVs and motorhome insurance come in handy anytime you are on the road. It is also a state law in Las Vegas, NV for every motorhome on the road to be insured. Stevens Insurance provides you with comprehensive motorhome insurance. If your vehicle is involved in an accident and requires an expensive repair, then you need to file a claim.

When to File Your Motor Home Insurance

You can always file a motorhome insurance claim for a number of reasons ranging from vandalism, storm damage, over-turn on an icy highway, or theft. If you are involved in an accident, and you injure the other driver or cause severe damage to their vehicle, then you have to inform Stevens Insurance or your insurance provider. You can also file a motorhome insurance claim when you are involved in an accident alone, and your motorhome is damaged, or you destroy property. Your insurance will cover the cost of damage or any loss up to the limit of your motorhome policy.

Be Prepared to File Your Claim

You never know when an accident may occur, so it is always to be prepared to file your claim at any time. Below are some tips to help when it comes to filing your motorhome insurance claim in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Always keep a camera and a notebook or have a cellphone with a camera in your vehicle to record the details an accident or incident.
  • Make sure that you always have your drivers’ license, your motorhome registration, and proof of insurance.
  • Keep your motorhome insurance current and store your claims number together with your vehicle documents.

Do you want to insure your motorhome? Contact Stevens Insurance today, and we will gladly serve you.

Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle can be a very fun recreational vehicle but is also an important asset that needs to be properly covered by insurance.  For those that are in the Las Vegas, NV area, there are a number of benefits that come by having motorcycle insurance.  

Compliance with Law

The first benefit that comes with having motorcycle insurance is that it will help you to stay compliant with the law.  Similar to having auto insurance, all people in Nevada are required to have some level of insurance coverage if they drive a motorcycle.  In Nevada, all motorcycle will need to have minimum property damage liability insurance of at least $10,000 per accident.  On top of that, they will also need to have minimum bodily injury coverage for $15,000 per persona in one accident with at least a $30,000 limit per accident.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

When you only have the motorcycle insurance coverage that is required by law, your coverage will be limited to liability and will provide you with no protection for your injuries or motorcycle.  When you choose to get a policy with more coverage, virtually any scenario could cover your motorcycle.  When you are getting a full policy, you will receive collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage.  This will protect you and your motorcycle against losses associated with an accident that you are at fault in, theft, vandalism, and even an accident involving an animal. 

For those that are in the Las Vegas, NV area, making sure that you have the right type and amount of motorcycle insurance is very important.  To ensure you are properly covered, meeting with the Stevens Insurance agency would be very beneficial.  Stevens Insurance is a leading consumer focused insurance agency that could help you to better understand your insurance needs.  

I Had a Motorcycle Accident: What Now?

You underestimate the curve and, before you know it, you are sliding across the pavement. Your bike is in the bushes, and you are in the middle of the road. What now?

What to do immediately after a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, NV
You should do the following immediately following a car accident:

  • Get out of the roadway. You do not want to be injured two times over by having an unsuspecting motorist run you over. 
  • Assess injuries and either call or ask for help.
  • Call the police. You will need to file a police report, which may help you when filing your insurance claim.
  • Gather information from witnesses and become familiar with your surroundings. This, too, will help you complete a more accurate application. 

Things to include in your claim

Contacting a professional such as Stevens Insurance firm is an important step to take when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. You should include the following expenses in your claim:

  • Medical bills. Current and future costs should be incorporated in your request. 
  • Pain and suffering that provides for emotional distress. Embarrassment is common among motorcyclists who suffer severe injury from car wrecks. You may find yourself in need of counseling due to paralysis or disfigurement. The cost of your pain should be included in your insurance claim. 
  • Loss of income. You are entitled to wages lost during your recuperation as well as decreases in earning capacity due to permanent injuries that inhibit your ability to pursue higher paying jobs.

What you should not do
You should never put off seeing the doctor after having a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, NV. You may feel as if you are not injured, but the reality is that head trauma, and leg aches are common after crashes. It sometimes takes a day or two for these ailments to take effect. You should also refrain from admitting fault at the scene of the accident and never tell another motorist that damages they caused are “no big deal.” 

An agent from Stevens Insurance can help you cope with the reality of a motorcycle accident. Prepare for the unfortunate instance of a car wreck today by calling our office for a consultation. 

I Lent My Friend My Boat, Is He Covered?

Boat insurance is no different from any other kind of policy in Las Vegas, NV in that the boat is a vessel being covered for the risk of loss or causing damage to someone else. No surprise then, a boat policy will also include terms for who owns the boat and who will be operating it on a regular basis. While some policies will including a boilerplate paragraph that could cover any guests of the boat owner operating the boat under his or her permission, it’s not a default term found in every boat insurance policy contract, according to Stevens Insurance.

If a boat owner out of the blue allows an unnamed party (i.e. not specified on the coverage policy for the vessel) to operate a boat, even if detailed on a policy, the coverage could be null. The reason has to do with the fact that the introduction of another driver was not included in the policy risk calculation. As a result, it’s a risky situation the boat insurer never agreed to and, as a result, doesn’t have to cover. To some extent, some boat insurance providers will provide a basic coverage for any and all situations but it’s not a guarantee automatically provided.

Consumers in Las Vegas, NV with recreation boats and private vessels don’t need to play guessing games with how their current insurance policies might work when a friend borrows a boat for a weekend vacation. Instead, one can get straight answers from Stevens Insurance right away as well as what options are available on how to handle flexible situations and needs.

The Importance of Having GAP Insurance for Your Motorcycle

It is legally required that motorcycle operators in Las Vegas, NV carry insurance, and the state has set forth certain mandatory limits that will protect other drivers who are injured in an accident that is determined to be your fault.  In addition, your insurance policy must cover a certain amount of damage that you cause, but this will not keep you from incurring a monetary loss for your own vehicle. There are additional insurances you can purchase to this effect, and GAP insurance is one of them. 

The Importance of GAP Coverage

GAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection, and it can prevent you from owing thousands of dollars in the event of an accident. Your assets can be at risk when your bike is totaled, and its worth is less than the balanced owed to the bank. This is especially the case if your motorcycle is newer, as its initial depreciation can be quite significant. 

Your primary motorcycle insurance policy can cover the cash value of the bike, and your GAP insurance will work concurrently with this to pay the entire balance that is due to your lender. In addition, some policies will also cover your deductible, thus keeping your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. GAP insurance is strongly recommended for new motorcycles and for loans with low down payments or terms of 60 months or more. 

Stevens Insurance Can Help Insure Your Motorcycle

Stevens Insurance has years of valuable experience serving those who are located in and around the Las Vegas, NV area, and we are able to assist you with all your motorcycle insurance needs. You can visit our website to use our convenient rating tool to find a quick quote on your homeowners and automobile insurance, and you can speak to a friendly agent today to find the insurance package that is right for you!