Should You Still Carry Boat Insurance When the Boat is Not Being Used?

One of the things that boat insurance covers you against is collisions on both the roadway while the boat is being transported and on the waterway. As such, when the boat is not being used, you may wonder if you still need to insure it. This is one of the questions that we at Stevens Insurance, serving the greater Las Vegas, NV area, are often asked. Here is the information we tell our customers. 

If your boat is not being used, there are still many protections that can be offered by having a valid boat insurance policy in place. This includes protecting your boat against theft or damage caused by vandalism. If you do not have a valid policy, your boat will not be protected against these things. 

Additionally, if you drop your boat insurance, you may lose out on discounts that you may be eligible for carrying boat insurance continuously. Those who start and stop their insurance frequently may have higher premiums than those who maintain insurance year round. As such, you may not be saving money taking this route. 

Lastly, if you have a loan on your boat, you may be required to carry boat insurance, even if the boat is not in use. If you fail to maintain insurance, you may also be unable to register your boat when your registration comes due. All of these should factor in when you are determining whether or not to carry boat insurance or not. 

If you have already cancelled your boat insurance and need to get a new policy, or you simply need a new policy in the greater Las Vegas, NV area, let Stevens Insurance helps. Call us today to obtain a free estimate for boat insurance for your boat.