Preventing Premature Roof Failure

In Las Vegas, NV, your roof is safe from some of the most damaging things that can destroy roofs in colder climates. You won’t be seeing any ice dams or problems caused by snow weight. However, a Vegas roof is still exposed to nature, and with this exposure, there is always a chance for unexpected damage as well as normal wear.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

The key to preventing full roof failure is catching problems before they get too big. Having professionals go up and look at the roof on a regular basis is the easiest and safest way to ensure that these emerging issues are found in time for them to be affordably repaired. Professional eyes can also spot problems that a layman would overlook. Because of these things, Stevens Insurance recommends that you make sure to have the pros examine your roof, especially after storms and other potentially-damaging events.

Have Broken or Missing Concrete Tiles Replaced Right Away

High winds, storms that knock tree branches into the roof, and other stresses can take a tile or two off of a roof that is otherwise fine. Don’t let the small area of damage fool you into ignoring this problem! The tiles are there to protect the waterproof under layer of the roof, and when even one is missing, it will expose that layer to challenges it wasn’t designed to meet.

If you don’t have a tile roof, you should pay even more attention to damaged areas. Asphalt shingles, for example, can start failing after just 10-15 years. Missing or damaged shingles will make the roof require replacement even sooner, so hurry to get damaged areas patched.

Getting unexpected damage repaired can be easier with the right home insurance. Contact us at Stevens Insurance to discuss which policies are best for protecting your Las Vegas, NV home.