Pave the Way with a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Six teens die every day because of motor vehicle accidents. The risk of automobile accidents is higher for teens than any other age group. In fact, teen drivers, ages 16 to 19, are almost three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than their older counterparts. With these sobering statistics in mind, Stevens Insurance recommends than parents create a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to keep all drivers safe not only in Las Vegas, NV but nationwide as well.

Being a good driver and following the rules of the road yourself, being a passenger while your teen drives, and having regular conversations about driving safety all work together to ensure that your teen makes the right decisions when they get behind the wheel.

But there is another simple step you can take to help ensure your child’s safety, a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. This agreement is a contract that puts your family’s rules and expectations in writing, clearly defining expectations and limits, while also laying out the consequences for breaking the rules.

Working with your teen to create the Parent-Teen Driving Agreement will give them an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns. It also gives them an opportunity to question why certain rules are in place. By working together and jointly setting up the limits and expectations, it’s more likely that your teen will then follow the agreed upon rules.

Keep the agreement posted on the fridge and update it often, increasing privileges as your teen gains experience. It’s a great way to frequently discuss the importance of driving rules and safety.

If you want more ideas of what you can do to keep your teen driver safe, or if you are looking for high-quality insurance coverage in the Las Vegas, NV area, call Stevens Insurance. One of our independent representatives will work with you to find the best options for you and your teen driver.