Packing to Drive Cross Country

Nothing can be more fun that driving across the country. The gleeful scream of "Road Trip", no matter what your age, can bring delight. It’s an adventure, but with some good packing tips trying to find something in the car, doesn’t have to be an adventure. It’s more than just grabbing a go bag.

First, know what your journey will be. Are you visiting many states and seeing as much as possible in the way of tourist and vacation areas? Or are you driving simply to reach a destination like a new job or a college? Will you travel and arrive at a destination that you will stay at long term? Or will you simply travel for a few weeks and then return home?

Now comes the math that sounds like a bad SAT math word problem.Take the size of your vehicle, the number of people and animals who are going to ride it, and what you want to accomplish and make sure you have room to accommodate all your needs. Before you pack, estimate how many bags or pieces of luggage your vehicle can safely transport so you can persuade the passengers of how much or little to pack.

Food and drinks. Let’s face it there are convenience stops along the way, but the prices can be astronomical. Try to find snacks that are fun as well as healthy. A cooler tucked in an easy to access place can make a drive more pleasant.   

Bring audio books, music and other kinds of entertainment, and not just for the kids.

An often overlooked item is a basic first aid kit. Those cooler ice packs can double as first aid ice packs. 

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