I Lent My Friend My Boat, Is He Covered?

Boat insurance is no different from any other kind of policy in Las Vegas, NV in that the boat is a vessel being covered for the risk of loss or causing damage to someone else. No surprise then, a boat policy will also include terms for who owns the boat and who will be operating it on a regular basis. While some policies will including a boilerplate paragraph that could cover any guests of the boat owner operating the boat under his or her permission, it’s not a default term found in every boat insurance policy contract, according to Stevens Insurance.

If a boat owner out of the blue allows an unnamed party (i.e. not specified on the coverage policy for the vessel) to operate a boat, even if detailed on a policy, the coverage could be null. The reason has to do with the fact that the introduction of another driver was not included in the policy risk calculation. As a result, it’s a risky situation the boat insurer never agreed to and, as a result, doesn’t have to cover. To some extent, some boat insurance providers will provide a basic coverage for any and all situations but it’s not a guarantee automatically provided.

Consumers in Las Vegas, NV with recreation boats and private vessels don’t need to play guessing games with how their current insurance policies might work when a friend borrows a boat for a weekend vacation. Instead, one can get straight answers from Stevens Insurance right away as well as what options are available on how to handle flexible situations and needs.