Commercial Insurance and a Home Office Business

Home-based businesses are quite popular and hundreds are being created every year thanks to the power of the Internet. Las Vegas, NV is no exception to this trend, with plenty of new companies being created and located in the silver state regularly. And, because of the flexibility of the digital age, the traditional approach to a business presence, brick and mortar, doesn’t apply. However, that doesn’t mean a micro business or small business from a home office should operate without commercial insurance protection. According to Stevens Insurance, one of the key factors that contributes to the loss of a business in its early years is being vulnerable to a lawsuit. The dispute can come from all sorts of sources, and business transactions going awry are fertile soil for a problem to start.

Commercial insurance provides an important financial safety net protection. When going it alone carries a high risk of having bankruptcy as the only way to fend off an unexpected lawsuit, it begins to make a lot of sense and practical logic. Many running a business from a home office assume that they are too small for such protection, which is an unfortunate mistake. Business operating insurance is not limited to home-based businesses. It’s focused on the work product the business produces.

Stevens Insurance has been helping small businesses for years identify their coverage needs and get started on the right foot with solid operating protection. Call them for expert information and solid analysis of what your home business actually needs for business and commercial insurance. It’s worth the time, especially if the unexpected happens with your business before it’s prepared to take on such risks.