What is covered by boat/watercraft insurance?

Water sporting has become quite popular in Las Vegas, NV, especially with the existence of Lake Mead. Stevens Insurance Agency is always determined to customize boat insurance policies to meet specific client’s needs.

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is a policy that protects your boat from perils such as fire, collision, vandalism, lightning, and windstorm. Watercrafts that are covered are mostly pontoon boats, yachts, fishing boats, paddle boats, and leisure crafts. However, these provisions may vary with the type of insurance company. You should, therefore, read carefully through your boat insurance policy to understand what’s covered and what’s not.

Types of Boat Insurance Coverage

  • Liability Coverage – This is the basic policy which covers the cost of property damage and injuries you may cause to third parties. Liability coverage comprises of wreckage removal and pollution liability based on your policy.
  • Collision Coverage – In case of an accident, this coverage pays for the costs incurred in repairing the damaged boat. Some boating equipment might be covered too, but only if the insurance policy states so.
  • Medical Payments – While liability coverage pays the injuries impacted on third parties, medical payments cover your treatment expenses and those of the passengers on board.
  • Labor Coverage and On-Water Towing – This coverage option intervenes when your boat breaks down while on the water, and will cover emergency services such as towing.
  • Fishing Equipment Coverage – It covers damaged fishing equipment while you are using your insured boat.

Boat Insurance in Nevada, Las Vegas

While liability coverage is not mandatory for boaters in Nevada, it’s always a good idea to carry some level of liability insurance to protect yourself or someone operating your watercraft from financial devastation that may result from an accident. However, every boater over the age of 15 is required to complete a Boating Safety Education Certificate rather than a boating license. The card is regulated by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). To get your boat insurance policy and personalized advice, contact Stevens Insurance Agency in Las Vegas, NV.

I Lent My Friend My Boat, Is He Covered?

Boat insurance is no different from any other kind of policy in Las Vegas, NV in that the boat is a vessel being covered for the risk of loss or causing damage to someone else. No surprise then, a boat policy will also include terms for who owns the boat and who will be operating it on a regular basis. While some policies will including a boilerplate paragraph that could cover any guests of the boat owner operating the boat under his or her permission, it’s not a default term found in every boat insurance policy contract, according to Stevens Insurance.

If a boat owner out of the blue allows an unnamed party (i.e. not specified on the coverage policy for the vessel) to operate a boat, even if detailed on a policy, the coverage could be null. The reason has to do with the fact that the introduction of another driver was not included in the policy risk calculation. As a result, it’s a risky situation the boat insurer never agreed to and, as a result, doesn’t have to cover. To some extent, some boat insurance providers will provide a basic coverage for any and all situations but it’s not a guarantee automatically provided.

Consumers in Las Vegas, NV with recreation boats and private vessels don’t need to play guessing games with how their current insurance policies might work when a friend borrows a boat for a weekend vacation. Instead, one can get straight answers from Stevens Insurance right away as well as what options are available on how to handle flexible situations and needs.

Should You Still Carry Boat Insurance When the Boat is Not Being Used?

One of the things that boat insurance covers you against is collisions on both the roadway while the boat is being transported and on the waterway. As such, when the boat is not being used, you may wonder if you still need to insure it. This is one of the questions that we at Stevens Insurance, serving the greater Las Vegas, NV area, are often asked. Here is the information we tell our customers. 

If your boat is not being used, there are still many protections that can be offered by having a valid boat insurance policy in place. This includes protecting your boat against theft or damage caused by vandalism. If you do not have a valid policy, your boat will not be protected against these things. 

Additionally, if you drop your boat insurance, you may lose out on discounts that you may be eligible for carrying boat insurance continuously. Those who start and stop their insurance frequently may have higher premiums than those who maintain insurance year round. As such, you may not be saving money taking this route. 

Lastly, if you have a loan on your boat, you may be required to carry boat insurance, even if the boat is not in use. If you fail to maintain insurance, you may also be unable to register your boat when your registration comes due. All of these should factor in when you are determining whether or not to carry boat insurance or not. 

If you have already cancelled your boat insurance and need to get a new policy, or you simply need a new policy in the greater Las Vegas, NV area, let Stevens Insurance helps. Call us today to obtain a free estimate for boat insurance for your boat. 

Tips for New Boaters

You have your new boat, and you’re ready to take it out on the lake in the Las Vegas, NV area for the first time. To avoid some novice mistakes, here are several tips to help you have a successful and safe voyage.

  • Be sure that someone not going on the trip knows your boating plans and expected arrival time in case something goes wrong.
  • Seal your keys, wallet, and cell phone in a Ziploc baggie to avoid water damage.
  • Check the weather early and throughout the trip, and be ready to change your plans if the weather is bad.
  • Practice backing your boat on the trailer if you’re new before you head down to boat launch ramp.
  • Go slow when docking or loading the boat and you’ll look like a pro!
  • Don’t overload the boat and don’t over pack for your trip.
  • Boating can be disorienting, so know your landmarks or use the GPS.  If using a GPS, know the functions before taking off.
  • Ensure that you have all the required safety equipment on board
  • Check the anchor rod and chain are not tangled up in case you need a fast deployment.
  • Find a life vest that is comfortable, and wear it.
  • Bring plenty of skin protection, bug repellant, and overdress because you can always take items off. 
  • Bring extra snacks and things to drink just in case your boat breaks down, and you’re stranded for hours.
  • Have someone else that can drive a boat in case you have an emergency.

Stevens Insurance

Contact an agent at Stevens Insurance in the Las Vegas, NV area to help you with your boat insurance policy options. We have knowledge of the area, boating, and we can save you time by finding the coverage to protect your investment.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Boat in Sunny Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t known for its water by outside people, until they start thinking of the Hoover Dam. You know Lake Mead as a fun place to take your family and your boat, so you can hop on the water for some sunny, summer relaxation. Before you get your watercraft out of storage though, consider these tips for how to prepare it for a safer season. 

1. Find Your Cleaning Bucket 

A clean boat isn’t just nice for cosmetic reasons. Cleaning lets you go over every inch of your boat, so you can see wear and tear that could lead to a leak and then have the chance to patch it up. 

2. Life Jackets and Emergency Plans 

You’re not likely to get stuck or lost in Las Vegas, but you may have the odd accident on the boat that prevents even the best swimmers from being able to use their skills. Run through the steps of the emergency plan several times, and make sure donning life jackets are a habit your guests get into. 

3. Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These can be literal lifesavers when it comes to keeping your family safe. People use their boats for all types of purposes, and these can be dangerous to those with enclosed spaces below. 

4. Get a Mechanic 

If you feel you have too many internal system errors, then you may need to call a mechanic to do a thorough once-over before hopping on the water. 

5. Find Boat Insurance 

Whether you need a new policy or are reconsidering your current one, Stevens Insurance is here to keep your boat protected in Las Vegas, NV. Give us a call so we can chat with you about what you need in a policy. 

What is On Your Boat Insurance Policy?

If you live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, then you might not be thinking much about boat insurance. The untold story about the city is that it is within 30 minutes of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Lake Mead has over 820 miles of shoreline that people can explore. This means that there is even more water surface to boat on. The need for boat insurance has never been greater.

Protecting Your Boat with the Right Kind of Policy

Your boat is a major investment and will need to have the right kind of protection. Here are some things that you will want to have on your policy.

  • Bodily injury is a real possibility is you are the one that causes a boating accident. This coverage pays for the injuries of the other party if you are liable for the cost of the accident.
  • Property damage to others gives you the means to fix the other parties boat if it is damaged in the at-fault accident.
  • In order to fix your boat, your policy will need to physical damage benefits. This will pay for damages on and off the water.
  • A boating accident may cause your boat to capsize. If your boat capsizes, then there is a good chance that all your personal belongings will be lost. This benefit will pay to replace your items.
  • Towing and labor is provided to people that break down on the water or strand themselves on a sandbar.

Whatever happens on the water can affect you and your family. You will need to have the right kind of insurance protection for your watercraft. As your independent local agent, we can help get you the policy that meets your needs the best. Give us a call today and let us get to work for you.