The Importance of Having GAP Insurance for Your Motorcycle

It is legally required that motorcycle operators in Las Vegas, NV carry insurance, and the state has set forth certain mandatory limits that will protect other drivers who are injured in an accident that is determined to be your fault.  In addition, your insurance policy must cover a certain amount of damage that you cause, but this will not keep you from incurring a monetary loss for your own vehicle. There are additional insurances you can purchase to this effect, and GAP insurance is one of them. 

The Importance of GAP Coverage

GAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection, and it can prevent you from owing thousands of dollars in the event of an accident. Your assets can be at risk when your bike is totaled, and its worth is less than the balanced owed to the bank. This is especially the case if your motorcycle is newer, as its initial depreciation can be quite significant. 

Your primary motorcycle insurance policy can cover the cash value of the bike, and your GAP insurance will work concurrently with this to pay the entire balance that is due to your lender. In addition, some policies will also cover your deductible, thus keeping your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. GAP insurance is strongly recommended for new motorcycles and for loans with low down payments or terms of 60 months or more. 

Stevens Insurance Can Help Insure Your Motorcycle

Stevens Insurance has years of valuable experience serving those who are located in and around the Las Vegas, NV area, and we are able to assist you with all your motorcycle insurance needs. You can visit our website to use our convenient rating tool to find a quick quote on your homeowners and automobile insurance, and you can speak to a friendly agent today to find the insurance package that is right for you!


Packing to Drive Cross Country

Nothing can be more fun that driving across the country. The gleeful scream of "Road Trip", no matter what your age, can bring delight. It’s an adventure, but with some good packing tips trying to find something in the car, doesn’t have to be an adventure. It’s more than just grabbing a go bag.

First, know what your journey will be. Are you visiting many states and seeing as much as possible in the way of tourist and vacation areas? Or are you driving simply to reach a destination like a new job or a college? Will you travel and arrive at a destination that you will stay at long term? Or will you simply travel for a few weeks and then return home?

Now comes the math that sounds like a bad SAT math word problem.Take the size of your vehicle, the number of people and animals who are going to ride it, and what you want to accomplish and make sure you have room to accommodate all your needs. Before you pack, estimate how many bags or pieces of luggage your vehicle can safely transport so you can persuade the passengers of how much or little to pack.

Food and drinks. Let’s face it there are convenience stops along the way, but the prices can be astronomical. Try to find snacks that are fun as well as healthy. A cooler tucked in an easy to access place can make a drive more pleasant.   

Bring audio books, music and other kinds of entertainment, and not just for the kids.

An often overlooked item is a basic first aid kit. Those cooler ice packs can double as first aid ice packs. 

Call Stevens Insurance serving Las Vegas, NV for auto travel insurance advice.

Pave the Way with a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Six teens die every day because of motor vehicle accidents. The risk of automobile accidents is higher for teens than any other age group. In fact, teen drivers, ages 16 to 19, are almost three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than their older counterparts. With these sobering statistics in mind, Stevens Insurance recommends than parents create a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to keep all drivers safe not only in Las Vegas, NV but nationwide as well.

Being a good driver and following the rules of the road yourself, being a passenger while your teen drives, and having regular conversations about driving safety all work together to ensure that your teen makes the right decisions when they get behind the wheel.

But there is another simple step you can take to help ensure your child’s safety, a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. This agreement is a contract that puts your family’s rules and expectations in writing, clearly defining expectations and limits, while also laying out the consequences for breaking the rules.

Working with your teen to create the Parent-Teen Driving Agreement will give them an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns. It also gives them an opportunity to question why certain rules are in place. By working together and jointly setting up the limits and expectations, it’s more likely that your teen will then follow the agreed upon rules.

Keep the agreement posted on the fridge and update it often, increasing privileges as your teen gains experience. It’s a great way to frequently discuss the importance of driving rules and safety.

If you want more ideas of what you can do to keep your teen driver safe, or if you are looking for high-quality insurance coverage in the Las Vegas, NV area, call Stevens Insurance. One of our independent representatives will work with you to find the best options for you and your teen driver.

What is an Auto Insurance Broker?

As you shop around for auto insurance, you may notice that some people call themselves insurance agents, while others call themselves insurance brokers. This may leave you with a question What exactly is an auto broker and are they the same as an insurance agent? Here is a bit of information that you will want to know.

What is an Auto Broker?

An auto broker is someone who works with a variety of auto insurance companies to help you find the best policy for you, regardless of what insurance company it is with. An insurance agent works only with one specific company, finding you a policy within the company that they work for. Think of it as a travel agent versus an airline agent. If you call a travel agent to book a flight, they will compare various flights with different companies to find you the best deal on the flight that meets your needs. If you call a specific airline, you will work with an airline agent that will only look for flights within their company.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Auto Broker?

The biggest benefit to using an auto broker is that you can easily compare prices among various insurance companies, and find the best policy for your needs. When you work with an agent, you can only compare prices among the policy types that they offer. That many not be what is best for you. An insurance broker is not loyal to any one company, which helps them better meet your needs using different insurance companies.

If you are in need of auto insurance, there are many benefits to using a broker. Stevens Insurance, serving the greater Las Vegas, NV region, is an auto broker committed to getting you the best insurance policy for your needs and budget. Give us a call to get a free price quote or start the processing of getting a new auto insurance policy.

Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a huge problem. In the United States, millions of people are injured in car accidents due to this growing epidemic. Stevens Insurance knows that you must pay attention when you’re behind the wheel in order to keep you and your passengers safe.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are one of the biggest driving distractions. In Las Vegas NV, you could be fined up to $250 or more if you are caught on your cell phone while you’re driving. This includes talking, texting, and using the internet. There are a few exceptions.

  • If you are calling for help or reporting a crime
  • When you use a voice-activated navigation system
  • If you have a license to use a two-way radio
  • If you are law enforcement or part of an emergency medical team

Other Types of Distractions and How to Avoid Them

  • Eating – Eat your meal before you enter the vehicle. It’s also a good way to keep your vehicle clean. If you’re going to pick up something from a fast food restaurant, hold off on snacking no matter how good the fries smell.
  • Drinking – Spilling a hot cup of coffee on your lap could cause you to jump into another traffic lane or run into a solid object, like a mailbox or telephone pole.
  • Makeup – Wake up a few minutes earlier if you need to apply your makeup. The rearview mirror was not meant for eyeliner application.
  • Radio and CD player – Switching the radio station or changing a CD is a distraction. Wait until you are at a complete stop before rearranging your music selection.

Stevens Insurance in Las Vegas, NV has independent insurance agents that are willing to offer you advice on modifying your auto coverage to accommodate your needs. These agents are experts that can also help you with coverage that affects your home, life, or business.


How the dry climate affects your car in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV is definitely a car town. There’s a whole lot of fun stuff to do here even if you have absolutely no interest in gambling whatsoever, but the spread-out, deserty nature of the city means you can’t really enjoy it if you’re spending all your time waiting on buses and ubers.

If you drive in Las Vegas, NV, though, then you need to be aware of how the climate affects a car. The dry air, the sun, and the sand can all wreak havoc on the most durable of autos.

Much of the damage you see will be cosmetic, you won’t have to make a claim on your policy through Stevens Insurance over the day-to-day wear and tear you see on your car’s exterior. Excessive sun can cause a fresh coat to fade very quickly, while the sand combined with the dry air will cause chipping and cracking without regular maintenance.

One of the best ways to keep your car in good condition no matter the climate is to keep a fresh coat of wax on the ride, and to make sure that you clean it regularly to ensure that sand isn’t allowed to collect on the surface and scratch away at the top coat. A lighter colored car will also suffer less damage from the sun.

If you really let your car go, you can see serious damage to your brake pads due to excess sand, but it’s unlikely this will lead to needing to make a claim through Stevens Insurance. With proper maintenance and cleaning, your car can withstand the worst conditions Las Vegas can throw at it.

Does a Person Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Full coverage insurance is required by most lending agencies as long as there is any lien on the vehicle. Many car owners carry full coverage simply because it offers them the guarantee of another vehicle of the same value if the original is a total loss. Residents who live in Las Vegas, NV are not required to carry full coverage auto insurance on their own. They must, however, prove they have the minimum amount of coverage to drive legally according to Nevada law.

According to state law, Las Vegas, NV residents are required to carry a minimum amount of vehicle insurance referred to as 15/30/10. The 15/30/10 minimum breaks down to:

  • $15k per person of bodily injury coverage
  • $30k per accident of bodily injury coverage
  • $10k worth of property damage coverage

Residents must provide proof of this amount of coverage if they are stopped by the police, first plate their vehicle, or when the resident renews their tags each year. The right insurance agent can help residents find the right type of coverage that meets the state’s minimum requirements if they own their vehicle outright.

When a vehicle is paid off, and the owner receives the title, they no longer are required to carry full coverage insurance. Dropping from full coverage to PL/PD means losing the opportunity to be reimbursed for any property loss or medical bills that are the result of an accident. The state of Nevada uses an online verification system that can verify whether or not a person has insurance. It is extremely important to make sure the insurance remains in effect during the transition.

Contact Stevens Insurance today for more information. 


3 Easy Ways to Prevent Auto Theft

The scenario:  You’re looking for your car all over the mall parking lot. You’re sure you parked in this particular area, but your car is nowhere to be found. And then the realization hits you.  It’s gone. Somebody has stolen your car.  

The truth is, Americans face getting their car stolen in Las Vegas, NV everyday. But there are easy ways to prevent this. By not making it easy for a thief to steal your car, you’ll avoid the nightmare described above. Read on to learn about three ways you can easily prevent auto theft in Las Vegas, NV.  

1. Don’t Leave Your Car Unlocked

This should be a no brainier. However, people tend to feel more comfortable having an unlocked car sitting in their driveway than in a public place.  Because the vehicle in on private property, the owner may feel the vehicle is secure. But the truth is, an unlocked vehicle, no matter where it is parked, is a security hazard – especially at 2 am when the neighborhood is fast asleep.  

2.  Park in Well-Lit Areas

When parking in public, it is especially important to avoid isolated or dark parking areas. Instead, look for a spot in a highly visible, well-lit area where a thief would surely be seen attempting to steal anyone’s car.  

3.  Put Valuable Items in the Trunk

Leaving a cell phone or purse behind, even in a locked car, will give a thief a reason to target your vehicle. To avoid this, lock away all your valuables in the trunk where they can’t be seen. 

Auto Insurance

If you’re a customer, Stevens Insurance can help you if your vehicle was stolen.  If you recently bought a new car and are looking for auto insurance, Stevens Insurance a call to find out more about theft coverage and other typical advantages of the right insurance for you.  



Driving Apps for Teens: Helpful Information for a Safer Road Experience

Your personal driving assistant apps, a travel buddy, are waiting for you with access from your mobile phone whether it’s through an Android or iOS. From here, there’s a library of driving apps for install to help you operate your vehicle safely and informatively. Best of all, your app library of driving materials can go with you anywhere you take your phone, it’s portable, and these self-contained programs are free.

Whether you want directions to that talked-about burger restaurant that just opened outside of town, are looking for some tips on how to drive defensively, or need to find a local mechanic to get an oil change, mobile device apps are where it’s at for you. There are driving apps for directions and traffic updates, hands-free texting and no-texting while on the road, safe car operating tips, auto repair along with car maintenance, and emergency road side assistance.

To start out, how about apps for safe driving suggestions, such as Driving 101 – Safe Driving Tips, which offers you advice on how to drive in inclement weather, defensive driving techniques, safe automobile operation tricks, and vehicle systems lists. The iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite is a winner of the best Android Augmented Reality App for 2011 and the CES 2012 Design and Engineering Showcase Award. It gives you advance warning of potential collisions with audio-visual warning pop ups. For help with safe and distraction-free response time to text messages and phone calls while on the road, you can try apps that have custom, as well as, automatic reply messages and text-to-speech options. For access to this technology, there are the popular programs of Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler and No Texting While Driving. These app types allow you to drive without missing a response to call or text message, so you can focus on the road.

What if you want to find the quickest route to a new job or a specific destination? Look no further than the volumes of GPS, maps, and navigation programs available. Waze lets you share real-time experience with traffic and road conditions, gas, and daily commuting. For a single source of traffic updates with short route locators and GPS, there’s the popular ViaMichelin. The Maps, Navigation & Directions program supplies GPS for city traffic, satellite and street views. Google Maps gives you voice-guided GPS navigation, live traffic along with incident report updates, and automatic direction rerouting. 

So you find your vehicle’s not operating properly, and you require a service station, auto part, or just want help with diagnosing the issue, there are plenty of apps that can locate an auto mechanic and repair facility, as well as, give you a repair cost estimate. For expertise in these areas, how about trying the Auto Repair & Car Maintenance program or the award winning RepairPal. Worse case scenario, what if your car breaks down, and you require emergency roadside assistance? No sweat, there’s 24/7 help with Verizon Road Side, GoodSam Roadside Assistance, and the Ultimate Roadside Assistance.

Driving apps can get you to a destination from start to finish. They can improve your traveling experience and create a safer time for you, as well as, others on the road – a portable travel buddy. Just like these apps, Stevens Insurance, serving Las Vegas, Nevada, is here to improve your driving experience with customized vehicle insurance plans just for you. So why not try it, you may discover a new insurance buddy.



Las Vegas Driving and Bicycle Safety Tips

In Las Vegas, it is just as important for motor vehicle drivers to be safe as it is for bicyclists. There are some safety tips that bicycle riders should be aware of to have a great trip along the desert roadways.

The Rules for Motorists

As a motorist, it is your responsibility to know Las Vegas bike safety rules.

  • Pass a bicycle safely by having at least 3 feet of space from the rider or carefully move into a neighboring left lane.
  • Be extra cautious of inexperienced or young children cyclists.
  • Yield to bicycles that are in an intersection as if they were pedestrians.

Bicyclists Should Always Be Visible

When you are riding your bike, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Drivers cannot see you if you are wearing dark colors at night. You should also use reflective lights on your clothing, bike, and helmet. Be visible during the daytime too by wearing bright colors.

Use the Right Side of the Road

According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, bicyclists are to ride on the right side of the road at all times. Staying to the right helps motorists know where to look out for you. You have to ride at least 3 feet from parked vehicles and follow all traffic signs and signals.

Use Appropriate Hand Signals

When making turns, use the correct hand signals to show drivers where you are going. You should use a hand signal at least 100 feet before you make a turn.

Stay Alert When Turning Left

When making a left turn in an intersection, bicyclists should be careful when following traffic. Ride alongside left turning traffic on the right side of vehicles. The most important thing is to glance over your shoulders to remain safe.

Visit the Las Vegas independent agents at Stevens Insurance for more information about bicycle and driving safety. The agents can also offer advice concerning current policies and quotes for new insurance seekers.